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Climbing frames are an excellent way to enhance a child’s playtime in a safe and exploratory way, whether that’s in their own private back garden, a public park or a school playground. Children of a variety of ages will enjoy playing on or even in a climbing frame, taking advantage of all elements from swings to monkey bars, dens to slides and even climbing walls and more.

Here at Sovereign Play, we have a vast range of climbing frames suited to a variety of ages and locations. Whether you’re looking for something on the smaller side to fit within your space or want something huge to dominate the back corner of your school playground, here at Sovereign Play, we have you covered. We have everything to suit everyone’s taste, budget and needs.

To ensure our equipment does the job intended safely, we work with two specific materials; wood and metal. This ensures our equipment isn’t just robust enough for use by boisterous children but it withstands the elements here in the UK. All of our equipment is tested to the required safety standards, meaning they’re suitable for all settings, from commercial to domestic.

Climbing frames are excellent pieces of equipment for not only keeping little ones entertained but also helping in vital development, especially during earlier years. From helping little ones develop their creativity to their social skills, their strength and fitness to their balance and motor skills – climbing frames offer real benefits in more ways than many may initially think.

If you’re looking to purchase a climbing frame for your setting, domestic or not, this buying guide should give you the information you need to make the most informed decision. If however, you still find you have questions at the end of this article, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01702 804200 or email us via [email protected].

Choosing Your Ideal Climbing Frame

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make about the climbing frame you’re choosing for your garden or school playground is the size. To help you decide on the size of frame you’ll need, you should consider the amount of children that will be using it at any one time. Once you’ve determined the number of children likely to be using it at once, you should then consider the age and capability of the children using it.

You also need to consider the placing of the climbing frame as this will impact the size of the frame you can purchase. Each climbing frame should have enough space around the outside of the frame in order to help protect all children using it from any nasty falls or trips.

You’ll also need to take into consideration things such as low hanging trees or any other foliage or objects that could be encroaching on what needs to be a safe area. Once you’ve looked at this, you’ll find it much easier to find the right climbing frame for your setting.

Wooden Climbing Frames

A great deal of our climbing frames are made from high quality timber. Not only is timber incredibly durable and hard-wearing but when maintained properly, it will hold it’s strength as it ages. It’s also worth noting that it’s far better for the environment too, as opposed to using other types of manufactured materials such as plastics. All of our wooden climbing frames are fully certified, ensuring the safety of those using it.

Climbing frames are extremely large structures and can, when designed poorly, become quite an eyesore. With Sovereign Play however, we ensure our climbing frames will look at home in any setting. Our wooden climbing frames especially provide a natural, whether it’s sat in your own home garden or your school playground.

While wooden climbing frames will require some maintenance, with a stain or varnish every few years to protect it from the elements, it’s still considered relatively low maintenance and therefore a great option, especially for schools who want as little maintenance to add to their current schedules as possible.

Metal Climbing Frames

While a lot of our equipment is made from high-quality timbers, we do use metal when required. Generally speaking, the metal climbing frames are much smaller and therefore find themselves favoured when it comes to smaller playgrounds and even domestic gardens.

They’re also ideal for turning into dens or hideaways with a blanket, making them perfectly versatile whether they’re at home or enjoying some outdoor learning. The lower height of metal climbing frames, generally speaking, makes them more suitable for younger children; however, here at Sovereign Play, we have a range of both metal and wooden frames ideal for all ages.

Ensuring Safety First

It’s always important to consider playground safety first. As previously mentioned, ensure you have enough space surrounding the climbing frame when positioning it. You must also have enough level ground to place it on. This will of course affect the size of the climbing frame you can have placed.

Alongside a good level of standing and space, you’ll also need to factor in safe ground, whether you use artificial grass, woodchip etc these decisions will all need to be made before purchasing your equipment. It’s also important to note that even when you have all safety measures in place, children shouldn’t be playing on equipment unsupervised at any time.

Contact Us Today

If you’d like more information on climbing frames, the type of climbing frames we offer or better still, help on finding the right climbing frame for your setting – be it commercial or domestic – please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team today.

Our incredible design team will also help you find the right equipment for your setting, taking into account location, age of children using it, budget and much more. Here at Sovereign Play, we work with you to produce the best results possible. Call today on 01702 804200.

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