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Buying timber and wooden playground equipment can sometimes feel like an arduous task. What equipment do you need for your specific age range? How much equipment can you fit in your space? Can you install it yourself or should you have it professionally installed to ensure it meets safety standards? With so many questions, it can feel incredibly daunting; unless you have the insight and expertise of those most knowledgeable within the industry of course.

Here at Sovereign Play, one of the UK’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of wooden and timber framed playground equipment, we understand only too well the questions and uncertainties people feel when it comes to choosing the right equipment for their play area, be it in a learning setting such as a school or nursery or even a domestic setting, in your own garden. To make it easier however, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to buying wooden and timber playground equipment

In this guide, we’ll look at all aspects you’ll need to consider to help you make the most informed choice; from the intended age of the children using the equipment to their capabilities, the space you have to work with as well as the need for installation and design services should you have any. All of these factors, and many more, will help you narrow down your search.

Ask Yourself: Who’s Going To Use The Equipment?

As is to be expected, this is without a doubt one of the most important questions you’ll need to ask yourself. While the main users of playground equipment are children, they vary in both age and abilities. You’ll need to think about the main age range of the children using the playground and on top of this, the capabilities i.e. climbing, sliding and more. 

Our wooden and timber framed playground equipment is extremely robust, able to withstand even the most rambunctious teenagers; however if your intended age group is 1-3 year olds, you’ll want to consider equipment that offers more accessibility. You may even want to look at sensory options such as mud kitchens and musical playground equipment, as well as low level climbing frames. 

Here at Sovereign Play, our extensive range of playground equipment varies in size and shape, from small and manageable pieces for toddlers to large, more high scale pieces of equipment for older, more capable children. Once you’ve established just who’ll be using it in terms of age range, we can then point you in the direction of suitably sized equipment. 

Ask Yourself: Where Will The Equipment Be Going?

It’s not before deciding where the equipment is going that you can determine the space you have available. Do you have a large amount of space that allows you multiple pieces of equipment with plenty of space between pieces or are you limited on space? Whether you have a large amount of space or a more modest amount, you can create a beautiful playground.

It’s simply a case of being smart with your equipment choice and where you place it. You’ll also need to look at the ground the equipment is going on? Will this need levelling? Will it need softer ground adding? Bark? Or even rubber? This will of course eat into your budget and will affect what you have left to spend.

Here at Sovereign Play, we have a very talented team of designers and landscapers who can help you with your specific needs. They’ll evaluate your space and help you plan a space that’s fun, interactive, accessible and most of all safe. 

Ask Yourself: Does Your Budget Cover Everything Including Installation?

Unfortunately as with everything in life, budget will determine a huge amount of what you can do. Thankfully, whether you have a large budget or a not so large budget, there are always options out there that will allow you to provide a creative and interactive space. 

While smaller budgets may not stretch to full size climbing frames, you can still enjoy interactive equipment that offers a multitude of benefits for little ones. From activity panels to playground markings. Our team may even be able to help you find the perfect option in sports courts that offer multiple uses in school settings, allowing you to stretch your budget further than initially expected. 

You’ll also need to consider whether your budget includes any funds for installation. If it does, you’ll need to take this out before looking at your remaining budget for equipment. If however it doesn’t, you must ask yourself whether you have the budget for installation or whether you’re capable of installing the equipment yourself to meet safety standards. Our teams are well versed in the latest safety regulations, ensuring the right amount of space between equipment, the correct flooring and more.

Contact Sovereign Play Today

While purchasing wooden and timber framed playground equipment doesn’t need to be as arduous a task as many believe it to be, there are certainly a number of factors that need to be considered in order to create a safe and fun environment.

If you’d like help designing and installing your perfect playground, complete with high quality wooden playground equipment, selected specifically for your setting, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We have an incredible team of designers who’ll take the time to get to know you, your setting and your ideal goals for the space you have. From there, we’ll be able to create the ultimate playground with well built, safe wooden playground equipment that won’t just weather the storm but will offer those who use it a multitude of benefits. For more information, please call today on 01702 804 200