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Are your pupils as stimulated in your outdoor space as they are in the classroom?

An exciting and challenging outdoor environment makes a world of difference to a child’s physical, mental and social development.  Sovereign suggests five top tips to improve your school’s open spaces.

Safety:  Taking physical risks is an essential part of a child’s learning, so consider appropriate safeguarding, including fencing, safer surfacing and the provision of shade and shelter.

Healthy lifestyles: Encourage healthy lifestyles from an early age with equipment that influences movement and exercise, such as adventure trails and towers. You can introduce green themes so pupils can learn about the environment, while growing their own produce.

Play value: In addition to enjoyment, play supports the development of many other life skills including problem-solving, rule-making and trial and error. Provide attractive, long-lasting equipment with a variety of activities, colours and textures.

Creative development: Creativity underpins many other areas of learning, whether in dance, art, music or verbal communication. Consider creating spaces and providing facilities for children to learn about and express their creativeness.

Education and the National Curriculum: Look for play equipment which promotes learning and a greater involvement in national curriculum subjects. Consider giving children access to outdoor ‘learning areas’ that can make learning an entertaining and stimulating experience – with the correct equipment, you can even integrate activity into teaching plans.

Sovereign works closely with its customers to find a solution that matches budget and requirements. Each tailor-made solution is designed to ensure the highest level of safety, without compromising on play value. To book an appointment, call 01702 291129 or email [email protected]