Outdoor Playground Climbing Frames

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Outdoor Activity Frames & Climbing Frames for Playgrounds
Provide children an opportunity to develop their physical abilities at playtime with Sovereign’s range of climbing frames.

This classic type of playground equipment for schools can encourage physical activity through climbing challenges, your school climbing frame can also give children a creative structure to facilitate their imaginative play. From monkey bars, net scramblers and climbers, climbing frames enable children to explore their range of movement.

We offer a mixed selection of climbing frames, made from varying materials. We craft each of our high quality timber playground climbing frames using the best methods possible to ensure that the product you choose will withstand frequent usage and changing weather conditions.

Read Our Playground Climbing Frames Buyers Guide below

A Buyer’s Guide for Climbing Frames
Choosing a climbing frame for your playground requires some thought. There are many things that will influence your decision as to what type of playground climbing frame to choose. You must consider:

  • the appearance, design and available space of your playground
  • the budget (wooden climbing frames tend to be more cost-effective)
  • the age groups of the children that will be playing
  • the playground surface, including any slopes

Wooden Climbing Frames
Wooden climbing frames are the classic components of any school playground – or any other playground, for that matter! Including public parks, and commercial hotel or pub gardens. They offer children an exciting playtime experience that is only limited by their own imagination.

Wooden climbing frames are also perfect for playgrounds with more natural surroundings who are seeking to keep “in theme” with the environment around the playground. Coupled with natural looking playground surfaces, such as grass guard tiles or hardwood chip, you can create a wonderfully idyllic and traditional style of playground that provides hours upon hours of enjoyment.

The high quality timber used for our wooden climbing frames carries a 20 year warranty, so you can rest assured that your wooden climbing frame provides children with years of robust play.

Metal Climbing Frames
Metal climbing frames can provide a bright and colourful addition to your modern playground. Teamed with brightly coloured wet pour rubber or rubber mulch surfacing, metal climbing frames can give the traditional playground component a contemporary twist much to the excitement of the children playing.

Metal climbing frames have an advantage over wooden climbing frames in that you can typically add more features to the climbing frame, extending its opportunity for play. Multi-play units allow older children to be challenged with new ways of climbing and exploring, instantly making them a favourite on any playground due to their impressive structures.

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