Tongue Drum Flowers

Playing a significant role in musical development our range of musical panels provide an excellent contribution to playful learning.

Our newly designed ‘Tongue Drum’ flowers are available in three colour ways, which each represent a different set of notes.

The flowers can be bought individually or as a set, and can be located virtually anywhere. The angle of the flowers themselves are adjustable, and the posts can be set at different heights to suit different age groups.

Each flower will come with an attached plastic beater.

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Technical Details


Red & Yellow – B Major – B5, G#5, D#5, B4, C#5, F#5 – TOUNGUE1


Blue & Yellow – A Major – A4, B4, C#5, E5, F#5, A5 – TOUNGUE2


Black & Green – C Major – C5, D5, E5, G5, A5, C6 – TOUNGUE3


Intended Age Range +3 Years

Length 400mm

Width 400mm

Height 1050mm (can vary)