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With over 70 jobs per week under their belt, Sovereign Play, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of playground equipment, are busy to say the least.

Yet despite their continued work, keeping them travelling daily up and down the UK to install the equipment they manufacture, Sovereign still takes the time to analyse their work and abilities. Perhaps it’s this that has helped them not only survive the current pandemic but thrive, separating themselves from the competition quite clearly.

Sovereign are proud to manufacture and install playground equipment for all ages, from Early Years Foundation Stage settings through to Junior and Secondary schools. They also provide services for council run parks as well as private parks and recreational services alike. Their equipment is made from durable wood, providing not only a tough structure that can withstand the elements in our all-too inclement British weather but a structure that meets the very latest health and safety standards.

For many, this would be enough, however for Sovereign Play Equipment, it’s only just the beginning.

Assess, Adjust And Improve – At Every Opportunity

Sovereign Play use every job, every installation as a learning opportunity by asking their customers to review their work. By receiving this feedback, they’re then able to go back to each and every department involved and quite literally critique their work specifically.

They also use this as a way of giving their team a better idea of what’s going on throughout the company, allowing them to become more involved with each job and as they say, the before and after they see on a daily basis, really do speak for themselves.

Their recent post installation inspections focused on three key areas, Install Tidiness & Professionalism, Install & Product Quality as well as Quality Of Service. The scores they received for each ranged from 83% through to 96%.

While these scores are incredible, Sovereign Play has used them as a way to improve their service further by providing pointers to each department in a bid to ensure all future scores reach well above the 90% mark.

Sovereign Stand Out From The Rest

With an overall Quality Of Service score of 88%, and yet still showing a desire to improve, it’s no wonder that Sovereign so easily set themselves apart from their competition. This continued analysis and improvement of performance will only see their scores achieving even more incredible levels than they already are.

What’s more, each department will undoubtedly feel the pride and desire to show continued improvement as they involve each and every person on the team by displaying monthly ratings for all to see.

If however, you’d like to access their incredible services before the year end, we recommend contacting them today on 01702 804200.