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We have all been there on an autumn day when an unexpected change of weather means the plans we made have to be rearranged. With more parents making an effort to minimise the amount of screen time their children have, we have compiled some of our favourite screen-free ways to spend rainy days with our families, so you can always be prepared for when the bad weather hits!

Arts & Crafts
Don’t have many craft supplies to hand? You can get creative with items from around the house! Rescue the empty cereal box from the recycling and transform it into your new favourite toy! Or use some scrap paper to create an origami masterpiece! With some creative thinking, you will be able to craft something amazing from simple, everyday objects.

Story Time!
Books are one of the easiest ways to keep children occupied! But if your child doesn’t enjoy reading, you can create your own stories together! Think of a character together and take it in turns telling each sentence of the story and see where they end up! You will be amazed at the fun that can be had from an activity that costs nothing!

Board Games
It’s time to dust off the board games that have been sitting in the cupboard since last Christmas. There’s nothing like some friendly competition to cheer everybody up after a sudden cancellation of plans.

In the kitchen!
Children love helping in the kitchen so why not use a rainy day to get them involved? You can try baking some sweet treats like cakes and cookies, or you can try our favourite of making pizza from scratch for the whole family to enjoy!

Make the most of it!
Rain doesn’t have to mean staying indoors. Put on your wellies and jump in the puddles¸ explore the woods together and see what adventures can be had!

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