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Government guidelines advise that school children take part in at least 60 minutes of physical activity at least once a day. With school five days a week and the majority of that time spent in a classroom, fitting in that 60 minutes can be a tough task. With the help of playground equipment that encourages activity, achieving that 60 minutes during break times is actually far easier than you think. Today we’re looking at the best sports activities that children can enjoy with our playground equipment.

Ball Walls

Our ball walls are an essential part of any playground. Not only are they particularly great for those with limited space, but they’re also incredibly cost effective. Our ball walls include number targets and cricket stumps. These incorporate both football and cricket.

Ball Games & Sport

From netball to basketball, we have a range of nets, including three and four way shooters to help young ones not only stay active but practice their ball skills. Our nets are available in both permanent and temporary settings, with some requiring being secured into the ground and others capable of being moved to where they’re needed, in and around your playground. These are perfect for both netball and basketball practice during PE but also for those wanting to play during break times. Sports lovers will enjoy making use of these.

Fitness Trails

Our Fitness trails are something very special indeed. Think assault courses for kids and you’ll very quickly understand why this particular equipment is so popular. Our Fitness Trails have been designed by sports specialists with the aim of encouraging not only activity but the development of new skills too. Both of our fitness trails, designed and manufactured by ourselves here at Sovereign Play, come complete with FREE DVDs too, showing the best practice on both. These are ideal for giving young ones a challenge during PE or even during school sports days and more.


If you’re lucky enough to have a little more space within your playground, then you could make use of our Multi Use Games Areas. Varying in size and use, our MUGA’s are aimed toward ball sports such as football and basketball, providing a dedicated space for sports games to take place. Once again, not only can these be utilised during break times, but this equipment can also be utilised during PE lessons too.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

If you’re looking to encourage more focus on health and fitness, then outdoor gym equipment is the perfect way to do that. Not only does it encourage them to remain active but it encourages them to do so out in the open too. From waist trainers to pedal bicycles and even single rowers; we have a range of equipment for both adults (older teens) and children.

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If you’d like more information on our sports and fitness equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today on 01702 804200.

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