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Inspections, Maintenance & Reports

Your play equipment is an investment and needs to be maintained to the highest standard in order to prolong its life, value and most importantly safety. For your peace of mind, our Sovereign Compliance Packages offer a complete service for the inspection, reporting and essential maintenance of outdoor play equipment. This gives you complete visibility on the status of your equipment, notifying you early on of any concerns before they become larger issues.

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Included Services:

Operational Inspections

Carried out by our RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) certified inspectors, we will thoroughly assess the condition of your play equipment and the surrounding environment, highlighting any areas of concern. Our inspectors will also review your existing weekly inspection and maintenance records.


All our Inspectors are also fully trained in repairs and maintenance, meaning minor works will be
resolved during your inspections. Works including, but not limited to:

  • Replacement of caps
  • Tightening of any fixtures & fittings
  • Minor repairs

Additionally with Sovereign Compliance, we can supply a quotation for third party equipment.


After each inspection you will receive a comprehensive report detailing any concerns, along with
suggested next steps. We clearly list all of your covered play equipment and with photos highlight
our findings. Our reports serve as evidence that you have a complete process in place protecting the
safety of children around the equipment.

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We assess, adjust, and improve at every opportunity to give you the best possible service. We pride ourselves on our 4.5/5 stars for Overall Quality of Service proving you’re in safe hands with continuous improvement ingrained in our culture.