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Playground Equipment For Parks

Parks and public playgrounds are a hugely important part of any town. They’re not only a place for little ones to let off steam but they can contribute hugely towards a child’s development. Here at Sovereign Play, we produce fully certified, durable playground equipment, perfect for public parks and playgrounds. From climbing equipment to seating and furniture, we have a range of pieces that will ensure little ones have a space for enrichment and entertainment whenever they may need it.

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About Our Products

Playgrounds Are Vital For Children

Playgrounds are a truly vital space for young children. At the Early Years Foundation Stage, a park and its playground equipment will help with young ones and their development, both physically and emotionally. It allows them to develop their balance and strength, help develop their motor skills as well as their socialisation skills and imagination. All of our equipment is created to help improve development, from a physical perspective to a cognitive one. We also ensure our equipment helps with social and emotional skills by making them as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Regardless of what angle they’re approached from, children will be able to enjoy them. This will allow multiple children to enjoy our equipment at once, thus encouraging children to share their space and interact as much as possible. Our equipment is created to help develop playful solutions and trigger a young one’s imagination and curiosity, something that needs to be encouraged as much as possible.

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Sovereign Play Has You Covered

From climbers to sand pits, planters, seating and even soft play equipment, we have a range of playground pieces that have been developed specifically to cater to parks and playgrounds. They’ll endure the wear and tear of not only many children but also withstand the elements that they’ll find themselves within. We do this by using the very best timber in all of our construction, to ensure they’re not only strong enough to withstand heavy use, but also strong and tough enough to meet health and safety criteria.

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We’ll Make Design &

Installation Easy

To make it as simple a process as possible, we also have an incredible design and installation team who’ll work with you to create the perfect space. With our design team, you’ll be able to discuss your space, your budget and your aims for the playground, specifically the age you aim to cater for, and our design team will produce designs to your requirements.

Once you’re happy with the designs, we can also arrange delivery and installation to make the process one smooth, efficient service. Our team will also ensure that all equipment is installed correctly and to code, ensuring you provide young ones with not only a fun space, but a safe one. If you’d like more information on how we can help you create the perfect park with our playground and park equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01702 804200.

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