Bonded Rubber Mulch Safer Surfacing

Long-lasting and available in a spectrum of colours, Bonded Rubber Mulch is a popular form of safety surfacing made from shredded rubber chippings. It is slip resistant, comfortable to walk on and highly versatile. The depth of surfacing required varies according to the CFH of the equipment.



Bonded Rubber Mulch can be laid in a variety of ways directly onto existing well drained worn or well kept grass areas with geotextile underlay. By laying it this way, the surface follows the contours of the grass. Or, as an alternative, by removing the top turf layer to give a flatter finish.



Virtually maintenance free. There is some minor migration of the rubber with normal usage.


Colours available

Grass Green, Redwood, Blue, Natural Mix and Earthstone.


Critical Fall Height (CFH)

The Critical Fall Height is calculated by the maximum intended height for play from which a child could fall and the ground level. The thickness and area of safer surfacing will depend on the Critical Fall Height.