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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

(Chief Executive – Sovereign Play) Andy Humphreys & (Chairman of Raf-Fixed-It “Dreams Come True”) Rafik Hussein

At Sovereign Play, we are committed to making a positive impact on society, and we believe that every child deserves the right to play, regardless of their abilities. We are proud to be the UK’s leading supplier of playground equipment for schools and nurseries, and we understand the importance of providing safe, fun and inclusive play environments for children of all ages and abilities.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we are committed to supporting disabled children and promoting inclusivity in play. We work closely with schools and nurseries to provide accessible playground equipment that caters to the unique needs of disabled children. Our range of equipment includes wheelchair-accessible swings, sensory play panels, and other specially designed features that encourage inclusivity and accessibility.

We also understand that many schools and nurseries may not have the budget to purchase specialized playground equipment for disabled children. To address this, we have established a donation program where we donate a portion of our profits towards providing playground equipment for disabled children. This includes equipment for specialist schools, disability charities, and other organizations that support disabled children.

In addition, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact by using sustainable materials and minimizing waste in our manufacturing processes. We believe that protecting the environment is essential for ensuring that future generations can enjoy the benefits of play and outdoor activities.

Through our CSR initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact on society and promote inclusivity in play. We are proud to support disabled children and their families and will continue to work towards providing safe and accessible play environments for all children.

We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Rafik Hussein and his “Every Child’s Right to Play” campaign since 2002. We have been inspired by Rafik’s unpaid charity work, and we are proud to have been able to contribute to his mission.

Over the years, we have donated lots of Special Needs Outdoor Playground Equipment and installed over one hundred Rides for disadvantaged people to enjoy play via Raf-Fixed-It “Dreams Come True”. This would not have been possible without Rafik’s determination and commitment to help disabled children. Despite difficulties, he has pushed councils and local authorities to allow every child the right to play, with rides like wheelchair roundabouts, ability swings, wheelchair trampolines, and more. As a direct result of Rafik’s 20-year campaign, we have seen play areas, parks, schools, and housing estates equipped with these rides.

We believe that it is our responsibility as a manufacturer of playground equipment to support initiatives like Rafik’s “Every Child’s Right to Play” campaign. We are proud to have introduced ability rides into our product range, thanks to Rafik’s encouragement and leadership. We have also reached out to other manufacturers and designers to have an input in this area, which has been overlooked by society as a whole.

If you require any further information & would like to take advantage of this support in the community please call Rafik Hussein ( CSR Officer & Volunteer ) +44 7956 245004 or email [email protected].

(This is a fully volunteer unpaid role by Rafik Hussein and offers his services to the community via Sovereign Play free of charge)