Playground Sports & Gym Equipment for Schools

At Sovereign Play, we have a fantastic range of playground sports and gym equipment for schools. Designed to develop physical well-being and encourage active play during PE lessons, children will have fun while doing so.

Our collection of playground sports equipment includes multi-use games areas (MUGAs), which are perfect if there is limited space, and fitness trails which offer an assault course style of activity where children can enhance their motor skills through running, climbing, and balancing tasks.

So, whatever you require for your playground, we can help you create the very best for your students. 

Why Choose Sovereign Play? 

When selecting a playground sports equipment provider, several reasons make Sovereign your ideal choice:

  • A proven track record with over 10,000 exterior environments transformed
  • Quote, design, manufacture, install and maintenance service
  • A wide range of playground sports equipment  to cater to diverse play needs
  • Work with a range of markets, including nurseries, primary schools, and secondary schools.
  • A UK-based company with DBS checked teams, ensuring utmost safety
  • A dedicated team of designers and consultants ready to make your outdoor play dream a reality

We are more than a provider of playground sports equipment  – we are partners in creating safe, engaging, and inclusive outdoor learning environments for children.

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Playground Sports & Gym Equipment for Schools FAQs

What Type of Sports & Gym Equipment Are Suitable for School Playgrounds? 

There is a huge range of sports and gym equipment suitable for school playgrounds, which you can select and tailor to different ages, interests and space availability. 

These include football goals, tennis and badminton courts, climbing structures, swings, playground ball games and fitness trails.

How Can Safety Be Ensured Whilst Using Playground Sports Equipment? 

Ensuring children’s safety is our top priority, therefore we put in place several measures before, during and after installation: 

  • Age-appropriate equipment: We ensure that the playground sports equipment provided is suitable for the age and development stage of the students. 
  • Safe surfaces: We use impact-absorbing surfaces such as rubber, wood chips or synthetic turf beneath the equipment.
  • Proper installation: We install the playground equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications and industry safety standards.
  • Regular inspections: Routine inspections are conducted to identify any signs of wear and tear, damage or potential hazards.
  • Maintenance and repairs: We promptly address any issues identified during inspections, and repair or replace damaged equipment.

Can Playground Sports Equipment be Customised or Adapted to Accommodate Disabilities? 

Yes, playground sports equipment can be customised or adapted to accommodate children with disabilities and promote inclusivity to ensure that all students can participate in physical activities. 

Here are some ways we would customise a playground: 

  • Adaptive sports equipment: This can include specialised basketball hoops with lower rims or modified tennis and badminton racquets for children with visual or mobility impairments. 
  • Ground-level activities: We can include ground-level activities such as sensory gardens or wheelchair-accessible sand tables. 
  • Accessible swings: We can install swings with supportive seats or harnesses that accommodate children with mobility impairments. 
  • Wheelchair-accessible platforms: Include ramps and lifts to provide wheelchair access to elevated play structures.