Playground Zip Lines & Zip Wires

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If you have a playground with a large open space, our fantastic range of playground zip lines and wires will make an excellent addition. Ziplines provide children with an exciting swing experience – perfect for endless fun!



Why Choose Sovereign Play?

When selecting a playground zip wire, several reasons make Sovereign your ideal choice:

  • A proven track record with over 10,000 exterior environments transformed
  • Quote, design, manufacture, install and maintenance service
  • A wide range of playground zip wires to cater to diverse play needs
  • Work with a range of markets, including schools, parks, and local authorities
  • A UK-based company with DBS checked teams, ensuring utmost safety
  • A dedicated team of designers and consultants ready to make your outdoor play dream a reality

We are more than a provider of playground zip wires – we are partners in creating safe, engaging, and inclusive outdoor learning environments for children.

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Playground Zip Lines & Wires FAQs

Is my Playground Suitable for a Zip Line?

Zip lines can be installed on most playgrounds as they already come with a raised platform that provides enough height for gravity to push the trolley along the cable. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about needing an incline. Zip wires are fast-paced pieces of equipment and, therefore, are ideal for supervised play.