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Our nursery and early years outdoor furniture includes seating, planters and sensory play furniture designed especially for early years children below the age of 5.

When designing an outdoor play area for young children, it is important that furniture is suitably sized and encourages imaginative, productive play. 

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Why Choose Sovereign Play? 

When selecting a nursery and early years outdoor furniture provider, several reasons make Sovereign your ideal choice:

  • A proven track record with over 10,000 exterior environments transformed
  • Quote, design, manufacture, install and maintenance service
  • A wide range of early years outdoor furniture to cater to diverse play needs
  • Work with a range of markets, including nurseries, schools, local authorities
  • A UK-based company with DBS checked teams, ensuring utmost safety
  • A dedicated team of designers and consultants ready to make your outdoor play dream a reality

We are more than a provider of nursery and early years outdoor furniture – we are partners in creating safe, engaging, and inclusive outdoor learning environments for children.

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Our early years outdoor furniture range includes multipurpose pieces that are versatile to suit your playground space. Use early years’ furniture to zone specific learning areas, put additional furniture in the playground to take the classroom outdoors, or include specific pieces such as planters to encourage additional learning. Unleash children’s artistic skills and enhance their imaginations! 

We have a range of sizes and materials that are durable to last. The wooden furniture is built to sustain weather conditions and consistent use over time, making your playground investments last. 

Early Years Outdoor Furniture FAQs

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Play in Early Years? 

Outdoor furniture for nursery and early years children is key to developing important skills in early development. Enhance imagination and take learning outside with reading and storytelling furniture, increase socialisation skills with tables and benches for children to gather with their friends and encourage creativity with busy or easel benches.