Single Climbing Frame – Foxtail Silver Option

Delivery/assembly within 4-6 weeks


Still retaining the 1.5m high tower unit with the wave slide and rock climber, the addition of a Fireman’s pole allows an alternative fun exit to the slide and the solid picnic table along with two benches underneath the tower deck encourages social, informal picnicking. Standard Features: – 20 Year Limited Timber Warranty – Coated Steel Post Bracketing System – Freestanding and Self-supporting – Tower includes: – 1 x 1.5m high tower deck – 1 x 1.5m high wave slide – 1 x 1.5m high rock climber – 1 x timber safety barriers – 1 x fun telescope – 1 x firemans pole – 1 x pirate’s wheel – 1 x picnic table + 2 x benches