Metro Trail A

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Introducing our brand new Metro range of low level trail equipment! We have taken all of our most popular low level items and brought them up to date with powder coated steel frames, finished in a smart, modern colour scheme. These items are great for public spaces due to their robust, hard wearing materials, and their ability to not look out of place in the most urban of environments.

This trail consists of:

  •  11x Rubber Stepping Stones
  •  Parallel Rope Walk
  •  Burmah Bridge
  •  Crossed Rope Walk
  •  Drop Rope Bridge

The trail can be situated in a variety of layouts and locations to suit.

Technical Details

Minimum Space Required
21630mm x 3750mm (in a straight line)

Intended Age Range +3 Years
Free Height Of Fall <600mm
Safety surface is not required for use on grass or tarmac.

Length 18620mm
Width 735mm