Oasis Roundabout

The Spinmee Inclusive Roundabout is accessible to those with mobility impairments as well as wheelchair users. Its rotating base is flush with the surrounding safety surface allowing for easy transition. The roundabout has been designed to allow both seated and standing users while also featuring 2 areas that can securely accommodate wheelchairs.
This carousel must be installed into free draining ground. This may require the provision of additional drainage for certain site locations or soil types.



Minimum Space Required 6000mm x 6000mm


Safer Surfacing Area

6000mm x 6000mm


Intended Age Range 5-12 Years

Free Height Of Fall 1000mm

Safety surface is required for use on any surface.



Length 2050mm

Width 2050mm

Height 800mm

Please Note

This unit will require additional safer surfacing. All prices are subject to minimum installation and delivery charges. All prices exclude VAT. Terms and conditions available on request.