Captain Mannering (Option Two)


Captain Mannering Play Tower

Climbing frames are a must for any playground, be it a school playground or a public park. Not only do they help children develop better hand/eye coordination as well as their own balance and strength but they can also be a great way for young ones to socialise and explore in a safe environment. 

Here at Sovereign Play, we’re proud to boast the wooden play tower, otherwise known as the Captain Mannering play tower, that incorporates four tower units to provide extra space and capacity for children of an older and more active age. From stairs to slides and even small climbing walls, the Captain Mannering climbing frame offers a space for children to let their imaginations run wild, creating endless scenarios and fun for themselves and children around them. 

This outdoor play tower is guaranteed to entice all children to play, keeping them active during all break times and helping them maintain their 60 minutes of daily activity when not inside the classroom. 

It’s also worth noting that here at Sovereign, our teams are on hand to help install onto both grass or tarmac should you wish, however this climbing frame does require a safer surface due to the size and nature of use. For more information on the Captain Mannering climbing frame and whether it’s suitable for your setting or not, please contact our team today. They’ll be happy to help you decide on the right equipment for your children and setting.

  • For 3+ Years
  • Minimum Space Required = 10.18m x 10.33m
  • Positioned 1.8m From Floor

Sizes: L7180mm x W6820mm

  • 1 x Deck Height 1200mm
  • 2 x Deck Height 1500mm
  • 1 x Deck Height 1800mm
  • 2 x Roof Height 3600mm
  • 1 x Roof Height 3900mm