Log Roll Walk – Create your own trail

Supply Only items 3-4 weeks delivery, 4-6 weeks for items requiring installation.


Our Adventure Trails have been designed with various budgets and abilities in mind, making the best use of available space, as well as bringing as much imagination into play as possible. However, why not use the following components to design your own trail? In theory, the sky’s the limit! 

Size: L3.4 x W0.15m
CFH: 600mm
IAR: +3yrs

CFH (Critical Fall Height)
IAR (Intended Age Range)
Prices based on installation into grass
All items shown with a CFH (Critical Fall Height) of 600mm can be installed into grass or tarmac without a safer surface. 
All items with a CFH of 600mm – 1000mm can be installed into grass without a safer surface. 
All items over 1000mm will need an additional safer surface.