Connect Trail 4

If our main range of trim trail equipment doesn’t suit your needs, of if the space you have available is of concern, then look no further than our range of ‘Connect’ trail components.

Designed to fit in smaller spaces and be more cost effective, these trail components can be easily linked and joined together in endless configurations.

Recognised instantly by their vivid purple ropes, these components can also link to a variety of our ‘Connect’ tower components to create all sorts of bespoke play areas to suit every need.

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Connect Trail 4

Consisting of:

  • Start/Stop Step
  • Log Traverse
  • Zig Zag Weaver
  • Tight Rope Bridge
  • Traversing Forest
  • Clatter Bridge
  • Zig Zag Weaver
  • Low Level Rope Wall
  • Start/Stop Step


Min Space Required (straight line)

19350mm x 4645mm


Safer Surfacing Area

5400mm x 3095mm

(not required on to grass)


Free Fall Height 800mm