SMUGA Court (20m x 11m)


The 20m x 11m SMUGA Court is ideal for mid to large sized playgrounds, and medium to large sized classes.

Every component is completely freestanding, meaning it can be easily put up and taken down in not much time at all. The exterior panels interlock together, and when not in use can neatly stack on top of one another out of the way. If you fancy a change of layout, the panels can be laid out in many different configurations, and even used for other purposes as dividers or guides.

This complete unit includes:

  • 64x Portable Panels with bases (in orange)
  • 2x 2m x 1m Portable Goals
  • 2x Portable Telescopic Netball Posts
  • 40x Assorted Coloured/Numbered Bibs
  • 2x 3m Mini Tennis Starter Set (including rackets & balls)

Minimum Space Required (in layout shown)
22455mm x 13235mm

Length 22455mm
Width 13235mm
Height 1000mm (panel height, not including netball posts)

Court Size
20000mm x 11000mm

*Additionally we can offer a thermoplastic markings package as shown including football and mini tennis markings. This can then be used as a guide every time you set up the court after it has been taken down.