Playground Grass

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Having the right playground equipment in your play area is essential for encouraging activity and inclusive play with young children, but so too is the flooring you choose and that’s where playground grass comes into… well, play!

Playgrounds are very high traffic areas, meaning the flooring needs to be robust. Real grass very rarely stands up to the amount of traffic that moves over it. The brutality of children running, jumping, skidding and more, between equipment will often result in mud filled, slippery patches. These not only look terrible but can become dangerous and off-putting for most.

Playground grass however, often referred to as artificial grass, is a great way to avoid this problem and provide children with a soft and sure footed flooring between equipment. It’s super easy to maintain and helps your playground area avoid mud completely, in even the heaviest of rain. It’s the perfect, low maintenance solution. Here at Sovereign Play, we provide a variety of playground grasses, all of which meet the BS EN 1177 standards and have been created to provide a complimentary aesthetic to your playground. We can also provide you with the service to lay and install the grass, with the help of our professional installation team, providing you with the peace of mind that it’s being put into place by the experts.

If you’re looking for a suitable, low maintenance addition to your playground, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. This is the ideal solution year round, to ensure a neat, tidy and most importantly safe environment for young ones to play.