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It is universally understood that play has huge benefits for both the mental and physical health of children and that it helps to set them up for happier and healthier adolescences and adulthoods. From the positive impacts on bone, muscle and lung health to academic attainment and giving children the tools to problem solve, develop their interests, and explore their imagination; the impact of play in childhood is far-reaching and this is no different for children with SEN.

There are types of play that will be beneficial to every child and each of their needs or interests. Children with a hearing or visual impairment can strengthen their other senses through play which will in turn help them navigate and investigate the world around them. If a child has a mobility impairment, play can often encourage the improvement of coordination and motor skills. For children who may struggle with socialising such as those on the autism spectrum, play creates a space where they can interact with their peers, explore their interests, and find enjoyment in their environment. Children with ADHD may find that they can positively utilise their energy whilst expressing their emotions and ideas.

Sensory play (activities that engage the senses) gives children the space to relax and regulate their emotions. From utilising equipment that produces sounds or creating environments where children can freely get messy, sensory play can often create a more stress-free way for children with SEN to remain stimulated and to communicate and engage with their peers and the people around them.

Sovereign’s range of sensory play items is designed to give children opportunities for free play and exploration. Here are some of our favourites:

Bongo Drums

a child using their hand to play multicoloured bongo drums being assisted by an adult

Bat Pipes

a child using a paddle to play the bat pipes whilst two children spin a rattle wheel in the background

Sensory Picture Maker

four children using primary colour paint and magnetic letters to create images on a wooden frame with a perspex table top

Building Blocks

three children creating towers from wooden building blocks

Chalkboard Wall Panel

three children using white chalk to draw flowers on a chalkboard fixed to a brick wall

Mud Pie Kitchen

a child holding a green whisk and wooden spoon pretending to cook with a frying pan and saucepan on a wooden mud pie kitchen

Water Flow Play Panel

three children pouring water into white pipes and watching it flow through

Sand Emporium

a wooden hut with a sand pit

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