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The pub was bought by Mark Cane in August 2008. Since then he has carried out a complete refurbishment, including transforming the garden into a haven for adventurous children who are visiting with their parents.

The Issue

The pub was very run down when Mr Cane first bought it. As the garden was never used under the previous ownership, the grass was waist high and after some extensive landscaping, the area was effectively a blank canvas.

The Resolution

Mr Cane planned the launch of the play area to coincide with the pub’s opening. He knew he wanted to transform the pub into a family space, both inside and outside. He realised that having an attractive play area for the children to keep them happy and occupied meant their parents were more likely to stay longer. Catering specifically for children by providing an extensive play area also sets him apart from his competitors. He wanted to ensure children of all ages could benefit from the play equipment.

The Process

After looking at several different companies, Mr Cane chose Sovereign, because they were very efficient on his initial call. He had a few ideas in mind about what he wanted and knew the final design had to fit in with the pub’s image.

Sovereign Area Manager Andy Humphreys met with Mr Cane at the site and discussed his requirements. One of the key factors was that the installation had to be done within a short space of time and Andy assured him that Sovereign could deliver within the time frame.

Andy showed him a design from their standard units and then together, they came up with a bespoke design for the garden, which was tailored exactly to Mr Cane’s needs.

The Installation

Following the initial site visit, a small amount of ground leveling had to be carried out before the work began. As Mr Cane had a tight deadline to open the pub, the team worked efficiently and quickly, and the unit was installed within two weeks. Two tower units, linked by a bridge, have been installed in the garden. The towers include a vertical rock climber, picnic tables, a log climber and a gang plank. There are also four separate tower decks and a fireman’s pole.

The linking bridge between the two towers was part of the bespoke design. The idea of the equipment is to give children of all ages plenty of variety in types of play and also presents them with challenges to achieve. For the younger children, there is the slide, and for the older children, there is the rock climbing and fireman’s pole. The picnic tables also enable the children to rest while being in the vision of their accompanied adult. The wooden items fit in well with the other garden furniture situated on site.

The Results

  • Caters for children of all ages and is challenging as well as fun
  • Has the ‘wow’ factor to attract families
  • Unique to that area so stands out from other local pubs
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The best thing is seeing the children’s faces light up when they first see it. I had complete trust in Sovereign. They did a fabulous job. I have been in business for 25 years and I have never dealt with a more professional company than this one. They are the complete package.

Mark CaneOwner of The Garrison Arms Public House
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