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Sovereign rise to the challenge of transforming a complex outdoor area into a dynamic, physical play zone at Rowan Preparatory School.

The Issue

Situated in Surrey, Rowan Preparatory School were looking to update their existing trim trail, but were concerned that the nature of the outdoor area would limit their options. They aspired to create an exciting new play space to challenge their pupils, but due to the steep slope and underground services, they sought the experience and expertise of Sovereign Play to turn their vision into a reality.

The Resolution

An initial meeting was arranged with Headmistress, Susan Clarke, Business Manager, Jayne Britten and Sovereign’s Sales Area Manager, Karen Cunningham. Together they discussed the challenges presented by the play area; the uneven ground plus the added presence of underground cables and drains. The School were also conscious of being considerate to their neighbours, and didn’t want their gardens overlooked by high play equipment. Karen suggested a diverse new trail which would be low enough not to cause any inconvenience on the surrounding houses, but also provide an exciting new challenge for the pupils.

The Process

With many factors to consider, several consultations took place to ensure the design maximised play value and also met the budget. The design department worked diligently to position each post in the area, being sure they didn’t impact on any underground services. Some of Sovereign’s ever-popular low-level trail items were selected like the colourful Traversing Forest and classic Drop Rope Clatter Bridge.  An imaginative addition to the adventure play space came in the form of the Widow’s Web Net as well as some high-intensity challenge with the custom Spider Web Net.

The Installation

Installation commenced and the Sovereign team worked tirelessly to complete the job within 8 days. The fitters were able to adapt to the complex area and carried out the works efficiently. The installation took place over the summer holidays and was a welcome surprise for the staff and children returning for the new school year.

The Results

The dynamic, physical play area has transformed the outdoor space, providing an exciting and challenging area for the pupils at Rowan Preparatory School. Sovereign rose to the challenge of meeting a complicated brief and met the client’s budget who are delighted with the end result.

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We are very happy with the new adventure trail and the girls are loving the extra challenges that it provides.

Jayne BrittenBusiness Manager
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