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Put the Fun in Fundraising by getting staff, pupils and parents involved and organise an event which can not only raise necessary funds for a new project but help bring communities together.

Fundraising is a fantastic way to raise money which can be used on school resources and new play equipment for outside spaces.

The simplest idea can generate impressive results. Here we outline our favourites:-

Bake Sale – Bake sales have stood the test of time in terms of fundraising and have always been a money raising staple. Simple but effective and with the ever-increasing popularity of bake shows (like the Great British Bake Off), everyone can get involved and the produce is sure to sell like hot cakes!

Contact us for some simple and delicious baking recipes through our social media channels.

 Silent disco — Create a playlist with all the latest songs to get people dancing! Provide each attendee with a headset when they enter the door. Minimal clean up and relatively easy to set up. An unusual school event that gets people talking.

Contact us on social media for a great playlist sure to get the pupils dancing!

Photo exhibition — Get all classes involved by getting pupils to contribute photographs they’ve taken. Have an art opening for the parents and community where event-goers buy a ticket to attend then auction off the photos. This is a great fundraising idea which gets the community together whilst also showcasing the artistic talents of your school or community.

Contact us on social media for other art based fundraising ideas.

The National Lottery Awards – A quick and simple way to get small lottery grants of between £300.00 and £10,000.00. Schools and Statutory Bodies can apply! If undertaking a new project which either:-

  •          Brings people together and builds strong relationships in and across the communities.
  •          Improve the places and spaces that matter to communities.

It is required that you keep them informed of design development and delivery of plans which we here at Sovereign can provide if undertaking a playground project with us!

Contact us on social media for no obligation help and practical advice for filling in your National Lottery Awards for all Application.

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