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We understand only too well that budgets can have a huge impact on every aspect of life, especially playgrounds, whether that’s in an educational setting, a commercial playground setting or even your own backyard. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many try their hand at creating their own playground equipment from time to time. The question is, is this cheaper in the long run? Or is it actually a huge risk to both yourself and the children using the equipment?

Building Your Own Costs More Than You Realise

Designing a playground is far harder than most realise. Not only is there an incredible amount of skill and knowledge involved when it comes to crafting safe and beneficial playground equipment, but there’s also a great deal of equipment needed too; equipment that can cost thousands – and that’s before you’ve purchased the materials and set the time aside to actually build it.

Throw in the knowledge needed to ensure your playground caters to required age categories as well as elements of play that help young ones develop, and it’s easy to see just how difficult and in fact, costly it can be. So much so in fact, that buying equipment from a supplier such as ourselves here at Sovereign Play Equipment, can actually work out far more cost-effective.

Sovereign Play Have You Covered

Here at Sovereign Play Equipment, not only do we have the knowledge and expertise to craft safe and educational playground equipment, but we have the qualifications and skills needed to ensure our playground equipment meets health and safety regulations.

We’re also proud to boast an incredible design service that will allow us to create the perfect playground, not only incorporating those important elements of play but also ensure zoning, safe distances between equipment and appropriate equipment for the intended age group.

On top of that, we can also provide expert installation that will see our team deliver and professionally install all equipment, ensuring it’s in place safely, securely and in good working order, ready for children to enjoy.

Contact Us Today

While many may attempt to create their own playground equipment, ensuring it meets health and safety regulations is something only a professional can ensure. Here at Sovereign Play, our team of professionals will ensure your playground provides your children with exactly what it needs to, from inclusive play to development of motor skills and more, while also ensuring it meets your area and budget restrictions.

With our professional design and installation services available, we’ll also make it an efficient and smooth process for you, handling every aspect from design, through to equipment selection and creating the finished product.

Whether you’re looking for help with:

– Commercial playgrounds
– School playgrounds
– Playground in your own home

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to see how we can make it happen for a lot less than you think. Call today on 01702 804200.