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At Sovereign we believe in the benefits of group play and we champion products that can be used by multiple children at a time. Group play is an effective way to encourage communication and teamwork in children of all ages, which help form the foundations for essential life skills. By giving children a common goal to work together to achieve, children will begin to develop key listening and cooperation skills that they will take with them through life.

Imaginative Play – Encouraging imaginative play is a perfect way to begin with younger children. Setting a scene where they have to role play as a group teaches the importance of listening, taking turns and sharing. Some of our favourite imaginative play products are our Den Making Stage, Play Lodge and Log Train Set.

Creative Play – Setting a creative task is a great way of team-building as it encourages children to work together to creatively problem-solve, whilst also being fun and interesting. Some of our most-popular creative play products are the Water Flow Play Panel, Musical Play Panels and Mud Kitchen Range.

Sports – Playing sports is a brilliant way of building on the fundamental teamwork skills formed in earlier developmental stages. Adding a competitive element to a game drives children to want to win, whilst also teaching the importance of good sportsmanship and strategic thinking. At Sovereign we have an extensive range of sport-themed playground markings to transform any playground as well as our timber Ball Walls and Metal Goal Ends to add to the play experience.

Group participation is also integral for improving self-esteem and confidence in young children, helping them to feel included. But the most important thing about group play is the added fun and enjoyment children get from making new friends and playing together!

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