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Natural playgrounds which utilise aspects of wildlife are among the most popular themes seen in today’s play spaces. They provide a great alternative to traditional playgrounds and encourages children to pay more attention to the environment and wildlife in an increasingly digital world.

We have listed some straightforward ideas that are easy to implement to transform the playscape.

Introduce natural looking materials and quality wood products to create a more natural feel in the playground. Ensure timber is treated to withstand weather conditions.

Arrange natural logs to create a natural seating area or storytelling area for the children.

Use our Bug Hotel in a quiet corner to encourage minibeasts to get the children to actively explore nature and all its inhabitants.

Create paths through your outdoor space to weave through different zones in the playground. We would recommend our sensory paths to introduce interesting textures or alternatively a natural mix rubber mulch path which will withstand wear and the natural colour will compliment this theme.

Emulate the rural countryside by introducing play friendly hills – our Mini Tunnel Mound, Mound Everest and Mound Olympus are perfect to alter the landscape of the space and encourage climbing.

The theme helps the children to use their imagination whilst learning to explore nature.
Add a fairy-tale twist by including a few embellishments to your natural playspace to create an enchanting space for the children to enjoy.

Incorporate rubber toadstools and our storytelling chair for a perfect place to read fairy-tales and stories.
Include our fairy-tale Entrance so they can use their imagination and create an enchanted area.

Our magical castle is a great place for children to meet and play. It includes a drawbridge to encourage imaginative play to create their own story within the castle walls.

We hope these natural and fairy-tale themed playground ideas have been a source of inspiration. Still stuck? Contact us for a free, no obligation quote and bespoke design. Our team of designers can help turn your playspace into a magical wonderland no matter the size or budget!

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