Target Muscle Groups – Adults Outdoor Gym Bundle

A combination of six of our most popular items to target and improve muscular fitness.

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Adults Outdoor Gym – Target Muscle Groups


-Adults Double Slalom Skier

Promoting social interaction, the Slalom skier tests your balancing skills whilst building up your leg and core strengths.

-Adults Double Health Walker

Probably the most popular piece of equipment which is used by all ages. Great for increased mobility in the hips whilst providing a good cardiovascular workout. Removing the stress taken by knee and ankle joints during running or walking. Can be used by two people at the same time.

-Adults Bicycle

A traditional piece of equipment that can used by young and old to either gently exercise and increase mobility in the legs to a vigorous Cardiovascular workout when done at speed. A very popular piece of equipment often found in Health Clubs and used in Spinning classes. This piece of gym equipment does not currently comply with the EN 16630 standard.

-Adults Sky Stepper

Mimicking the motion of the ever popular elliptical cross trainers found in health clubs, the Sky Stepper works your arms as well as your legs, and helps to develop increased balance whilst providing an excellent cardiovascular warm up for the whole body.

-Adults Double Squat Push

Another fun, sociable, interactive piece of equipment when used by two people facing each other. Targeting leg muscles and hip joints. Kinder on the knee joints and using your own body weight as resistance. Can be used by two people at the same time.

-Adults Combination Chest Press And Pull Down

Great for building muscle in the upper body and using your own body weight to provide the resistance. The best of both worlds that can be used by two people at the same time. If you are short on space this could be an ideal alternative to the individual pieces of equipment.


Intended Age Range 12+