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When it comes to playgrounds, it’s clear to see when they’re starting to look a little past their prime. Whether it’s broken pieces, wear and tear that looks beyond repair or a simple dated look; an old playground can often be more harmful than it is good.

The question for many however, is why invest in a new playground when you could instead, simply update your current one? We understand that the thought of spending more money on a brand new playground can be daunting and in some cases, there may be other areas where the money is also needed.

Investing in a new playground however could bring you far more benefits than you may have realised. Don’t believe us? Then check out the numerous reasons below why you should be considering investment into a new playground today.

Avoid Harmful Equipment

As certain equipment gets older, it can often require more frequent maintenance. Equally, if equipment has just been left in position and hasn’t been maintained at all, it doesn’t matter how old it is, it’s usually in need of work. Whether equipment is broken or simply old, it’s no surprise that it may not be up to the current health and safety standards and depending on its current state, could well pose a threat to the children playing upon it.

New & Safer Materials Being Used

Just as everything else evolves, so too do the techniques and materials used when creating playground equipment. Not only would newer and safer materials now be utilised but so too would techniques. Health and safety standards also evolve which means your playground equipment needs to meet certain standards.

Can you say that your current playground equipment meets current safety standards? Here at Sovereign Play, all of our equipment has been designed to be not just fun and enjoyable but as safe as possible for little ones to enjoy.

Make A More Enticing Space

As much as you may love your playground equipment of old, it’s no stretch to say that it may not look as enticing as it once did. By investing in a new playground entirely from Sovereign Play, you aren’t just enjoying new and safer equipment, you’re creating a new playground setting that’s going to encourage children to come along and play.

Contribute Towards Your Child’s Development

The playground equipment created by our team has been developed especially to aid a child’s development. From fine motor skills to social skills, physical strength and even emotional development – every piece of our equipment takes this into consideration ensuring your children are learning as they play.

Contact Us Now

If you’d like more information on our playground equipment and how we could help you develop a new, safe and long lasting playground in your setting, contact us today on 01702 804200.

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