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Playgrounds are a vital source of play and learning for children of all ages, and yet, access to public play spaces is known to be unfair and unequal in the UK. Often, establishments can struggle to get the money together to install a beautiful and safe playground for children to enjoy. 

There is some funding available, but it can be challenging to secure, and often, nurseries, schools and other establishments may find themselves having to raise at least some of the funding for the playground themselves. 

As much as you would like to think people would just donate to the cause, there are lots of causes to give to and sometimes people need to be encouraged that little bit more to part with their money. People are giving more than they used to (62% of the UK give money to charity at some point in the course of a year), but times are hard and your fundraising efforts need to be really good if you want to get that new playground in place.  

To help you, here are some proven fundraising ideas to help you get that exciting new playground funded and installed:

Giant Sunflower Kits

Why not sell giant sunflower kits from sunflowers you have grown in your planters! Add a single seed (from last year’s dried sunflower heads) to a small packet and a pretty label, and sell the packets at the next fundraising fete you do. 

Quiz Night

Everybody loves a quiz night. Get the prizes for the winners donated and charge a fee for entry. Drinks and snacks can also be bought by you, and then served at a higher price to make extra money for the playground fund. 

Carboot Sale

If you have outside space that can be used for a carboot sale, it’s an easy way to make a bit of extra money by charging people to sell, and to enter and look around. It could also be worth accepting donations to sell at the carboot sale for extra fundraising cash, too. 

Local Produce Market

Why not support your local businesses and raise money for the playground by putting on a local produce market? Charge for stall holders to attend, and make sure you create yummy food from your own garden planter produce like jams and chutneys to sell and create even more money for the fundraiser pot.


Crowdfunding is where you open up your playground fundraising to anybody online who wants to donate. The idea is that lots of small donations will amount to the total you need to raise overall. There is usually a financial goal and a timeframe for the campaign, as well as special ‘bonuses’ for people who donate different amounts. For example – if someone donates over £1000 they get first go on the slide, or maybe someone donates £50 and gets a free coffee at a local participating coffee shop. People can also donate much smaller amounts too. 

The crowdfunding market size is set to be nearly $30 billion dollars by 2028 so, if you can set up a campaign for your playground it could well be worth the effort, especially if you match it with really good social media efforts to spread the word. 

Talent Show

Why not put on a talent show which costs to enter as an act, and to attend as an audience member? You only really need the space and a basic speaker/ lighting system and you’re good to go! 

Experience Auctions

Contact local shops, restaurants and establishments to see if they will offer something for free to provide at an auction. It could be a meal for two, a free haircut, pet boarding for a week, or an experience ride in an expensive car – anything goes. They could also donate items for a raffle. Package all those things up into prizes, talk them up and have a silent bid auction, or traditional auction and raffle on a glitzy gala night where you can also make money on attendance, drinks and snacks. 

With your efforts, your playground will be installed and your young visitors/ pupils will have hours of fun enjoying the playground markings and professional equipment you have placed. 

With the handy tips and fundraising ideas above it could happen even sooner. 


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